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JRMC 6000
Special Topics in Mass Comm
JRMC 7000
Master's Research
JRMC 7005
Grad Student Sem
JRMC 7010
Emerging Media Design
JRMC 7011
Emerging Media Project Mgmt
JRMC 7012
Emerging Media Storytelling
JRMC 7015
Emerging Media Capstone
JRMC 7220
Grad Internship
JRMC 7300
Master's Thesis
JRMC 7340
Graduate Newsroom
JRMC 7355
Health and Med Jrl
JRMC 7356
Adv Health Med Jrl
JRMC 7940
Public Relations Foundations
JRMC 7960
Ad Foundations
JRMC 8000
Prosem Mass Comm
JRMC 8010
Mass Comm Research
JRMC 8016
EM Interaction Design
JRMC 8020
Public Opinion
JRMC 8030
Mass Comm and Society
JRMC 8050
Rsh and Directed Readings
JRMC 8070
Media and Diversity
JRMC 8080
Research Media Ind
JRMC 8100
Adv and Comm Mgmt
JRMC 8110
Adv Media Planning
JRMC 8120
Advertising and PR Research
JRMC 8130
Adv Topics
JRMC 8150
Public Relations Theory
JRMC 8160
Special Topics in PR
JRMC 8170
Risk Communication
JRMC 8200
Media Management
JRMC 8240
Special Topics in EMST
JRMC 8350
Journalism Topics
JRMC 8365
Media Econ
JRMC 9000
Doctoral Research
JRMC 9005
Doc Grad Stu Sem
JRMC 9010
Mass Comm Theory
JRMC 9011
Mass Comm Theory II
JRMC 9020
Quantitative Res
JRMC 9030
Res Approach in Mc
JRMC 9300
Doct Dissertation
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