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ENGL 1050H
Composition and Lit Honors
ENGL 1060H
Comp and Multicul Lit Honors
ENGL 1101
English Composition I
ENGL 1101S
English Composition I Sl
ENGL 1102
English Comp II
ENGL 1103
Multi Eng Comp
ENGL 2310
Eng Lit to 1700
ENGL 2320
Eng Lit Since 1700
ENGL 2330
Am Lit to 1865
ENGL 2340
Am Lit Since 1865
ENGL 2370H
Am Lit To 1865 H
ENGL 2380H
Am Lit Since 1865 H
ENGL 2390H
Multicul Am Lit H
ENGL 2400
Multicult Am Lit
ENGL 3007
Spy Fiction
ENGL 3010
Introduction to Folklore
ENGL 3030
World Englishes
ENGL 3050
Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 3050H
Introduction to Poetry Honors
ENGL 3055
Poetry and Popular Song
ENGL 3100
Intro to British Culture I
ENGL 3230
Develop African American Lit
ENGL 3300
Women in Literature
ENGL 3330
Literature and Human Rights
ENGL 3400
Lit and Evolution
ENGL 3410
Literature and Media
ENGL 3420
Literature and the Mind
ENGL 3430
Literature and Childhood
ENGL 3440
Literature and Philosophy
ENGL 3500
Jane Austen's World
ENGL 3530
Victorian Studies
ENGL 3590W
Tech and Prof Comm
ENGL 3600W
Advanced Composition
ENGL 3610
Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 3650
Introduction to Drama
ENGL 3650H
Introduction to Drama Honors
ENGL 3800H
Intro Creat Writ H
ENGL 3800W
Intro Creative Writ
ENGL 3801W
Intrmed Cw Topics
ENGL 3820W
Critical Approaches To Lit
ENGL 3850S
Writing and Community
ENGL 3880S
Civil Rights Lit and Culture
ENGL 3892S
Literature in the Library
ENGL 4001
Careers Engl Majors
ENGL 4005
Hist Eng Lang
ENGL 4060
Old English
ENGL 4080
Lg Var Ling Speech
ENGL 4110
English Grammar
ENGL 4195
Celtic Languages
ENGL 4197
Middle Welsh
ENGL 4210
Old English Lit
ENGL 4220
ENGL 4230
Medieval Lit
ENGL 4240
ENGL 4270
Medieval Romance
ENGL 4290
Topics Medieval Lit
ENGL 4295
Celtic Studies
ENGL 4296
Lit Med Wales
ENGL 4300
Elizabethan Poetry
ENGL 4320
Shakespeare I: Selected Works
ENGL 4330S
Shakespeare in the Classroom
ENGL 4330
Shakespeare II: Special Topics
ENGL 4331
Shakespeare On Film
ENGL 4340
Renaissance Drama
ENGL 4350
17th-Cent Poetry
ENGL 4370
ENGL 4380
City of London, 1590-1610
ENGL 4390
Topics in Renaissance Lit
ENGL 4400
Rest 18Th-C Drama
ENGL 4420
Early 18th-Cent Lit
ENGL 4430
18th Cen Eng Novel
ENGL 4440
Age of Johnson
ENGL 4450
The Global Eighteenth Century
ENGL 4460
Women in Eighteenth Century
ENGL 4490
Topics 18-Century Literature
ENGL 4500
Romantic Literature
ENGL 4501
Romantic Circles
ENGL 4505
Jane Austen
ENGL 4510
19th-Cen Brit Prose
ENGL 4520
Nineteenth-Century Brit Novel
ENGL 4525W
Charles Dickens
ENGL 4540
Victorian Poetry
ENGL 4590
Nineteenth-Century British Lit
ENGL 4620
African Amer Poetry
ENGL 4630
Afri Amer Fiction
ENGL 4640
Film As Literature
ENGL 4642
Films About South
ENGL 4642L
Film Lab
ENGL 4660
Twentieth-Century British Poet
ENGL 4670
Twentieth-Century Brit Novel
ENGL 4675
TwentyFirst Century Brit Fict
ENGL 4680
Modern Irish Literature
ENGL 4685
Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 4690
Twentieth-Century British Lit
ENGL 4695
Topics in Postcolonial Lit
ENGL 4698
James Joyce
ENGL 4700
American Colonial Voices
ENGL 4710
American Renaissance
ENGL 4721
Mark Twain
ENGL 4730
The American Novel To 1900
ENGL 4740
Southern Literature
ENGL 4750
American Modernism
ENGL 4760
Contemp Amer Lit
ENGL 4770
Twentieth-Century Amer Poetry
ENGL 4780
Twentieth-Century Amer Novel
ENGL 4790
Topics in American Literature
ENGL 4791
American Autobiography
ENGL 4795
ENGL 4800W
Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL 4810
Literary Mag Edit and Publish
ENGL 4820
Literary Theory
ENGL 4821
ENGL 4825
Topics Lit Theory
ENGL 4826
ENGL 4830W
Adv Studies Writing
ENGL 4832W
Writing for the Web
ENGL 4833W
Comp Pedagogy
ENGL 4834
ePortfolio Workshop
ENGL 4835
Environmental Literature
ENGL 4836W
Writing About Health and Med
ENGL 4837W
Digital Storytelling
ENGL 4840
Intern Lit Media
ENGL 4841
Intern Teaching and Pedagogy
ENGL 4842
Intern Prof Com
ENGL 4844
Intern Library Or Museum
ENGL 4860
Multcult Amer Lit
ENGL 4864
Hist Theory Novel
ENGL 4865
Novel Before 1900
ENGL 4866
Novel After 1900
ENGL 4870
Folklore Studies
ENGL 4874
Literature and the Civil War
ENGL 4876
Fantasy Literature
ENGL 4884W
21St Century Black Writers
ENGL 4884
21st Century Black Writers
ENGL 4885
Intro to Hum Comp
ENGL 4886
Text Corp Analysis
ENGL 4890
Criticism and Culture
ENGL 4892
Literature in the Archives
ENGL 4895
Literature and Other Arts
ENGL 4896
Comics and Graph Narr
ENGL 4897
Science Fiction
ENGL 4995W
Senior Seminar
ENGL 6005
Hist Eng Lang
ENGL 6060
Old English
ENGL 6080
Lg Var Ling Speech
ENGL 6110
English Grammar
ENGL 6195
Celtic Languages
ENGL 6210
Old English Lit
ENGL 6220
ENGL 6240
ENGL 6290
Mediev Lit Topics
ENGL 6295
Celtic Studies
ENGL 6300
Elizabethan Poetry
ENGL 6330
Shakespeare Special Topics
ENGL 6330S
Shakespeare in the Classroom
ENGL 6340
Renaissance Drama
ENGL 6430
18Th C Eng Novel
ENGL 6451
The Global Eighteenth Century
ENGL 6500
ENGL 6520
19th C Brit Novel
ENGL 6600
Fem Theory Crit
ENGL 6640
Film As Lit
ENGL 6642
Films About South
ENGL 6642L
Film Lab
ENGL 6660
20Th C Brit Poetry
ENGL 6670
20th C Brit Novel
ENGL 6680
Mod Irish Lit
ENGL 6685
Post Colonial Lit
ENGL 6695
Topics Postcolonial
ENGL 6700
Am Writing To 1820
ENGL 6710
Am Writing 1820-65
ENGL 6740
Am Poetry 1918-1960
ENGL 6770
African Am Topics
ENGL 6800
Forms and Craft
ENGL 6826
ENGL 6830
Theory Topics
ENGL 6840
Folklore Studies
ENGL 6880
Comp Theory
ENGL 6885
Intro to Hum Comp
ENGL 6886
Text Corp Analysis
ENGL 6890
Research Methods
ENGL 6892
Literature in the Archives
ENGL 6910
Apprenticeship in College Engl
ENGL 6911
Teaching Practicum
ENGL 6920
Apprentice College Engl Pedago
ENGL 6999
ENGL 7000
Master's Research
ENGL 7300
Master's Thesis
ENGL 8300
Sem Renaissance
ENGL 8400
Sem 18th Cen Lit
ENGL 8500
Sem Romantic Lit
ENGL 8550
Sem Victorian Lit
ENGL 8590
Sem 19th Cen Lit
ENGL 8600
Sem Modern Lit
ENGL 8700
Sem American Lit
ENGL 8720
African Am Sem
ENGL 8730
Multicult Seminar
ENGL 8750
Sem Southern Lit
ENGL 8800
Sem Creat Writing
ENGL 8850
Sem Crit Theory
ENGL 8900
Rhetorical Theory
ENGL 8960
Directed Reading
ENGL 8970
Workshop in Academic Reading
ENGL 8980
Workshop in Academic Writing
ENGL 9000
Doctoral Research
ENGL 9300
Doctoral Dissertation
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