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EMST 3010
Med Entertain and Pop Culture
EMST 3010H
Med Entertain and Pop Cultur H
EMST 3110
Writing Entertainment Media
EMST 3150
Entertainment Media Industries
EMST 3210
Intro to Production Basics
EMST 3210L
Intro to Production Basics Lab
EMST 3290
Media and Technology
EMST 3310
Media Programming And Manage
EMST 3410
Media Theory
EMST 3510
Elements of Narrative
EMST 4110
EMST 4120
Producing for the Screen
EMST 4200
EMST 4210
Sound and Picture Editing
EMST 4220
Producing for Film/Television
EMST 4230
Directing for the Screen
EMST 4240
Visual FX and Color
EMST 4250
Video Production
EMST 4250L
Video Production Lab
EMST 4270
Audio Production
EMST 4290
Digital Media Production
EMST 4320
Media Audiences
EMST 4460
Business of Media Ent
EMST 4510
Interactive Transmed Narrative
EMST 5010
Media Ent Industry Internship
EMST 5170
Adv Studies Media Entertain
EMST 5250
Post-Production Techniques
EMST 5260
Advanced Production
EMST 5270
Documentary Production
EMST 5440
History Analysis Digital Media
EMST 5990
Seminar in Media Arts
EMST 6110
Screen Writing
EMST 6120
Producing for the Screen
EMST 7210
Digital Media Project
EMST 7220
Media Industry Internship
EMST 7270
Documentary Production
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