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EDHI 6700
Admin Practicum in Higher Ed
EDHI 6990
App Research in Higher Ed
EDHI 7650
Applied Project
EDHI 8000
His Amer Higher Ed
EDHI 8010
Higher Ed in the US
EDHI 8200
Institutional Resch
EDHI 8300
Law And Higher Ed
EDHI 8400
Finance Higher Ed
EDHI 8410
Econ App Higher Ed
EDHI 8700
State Systems
EDHI 8890
Seminar Higher Ed
EDHI 8910
Quan Mth HEd I
EDHI 8910L
Quan Mth HEd I Lab
EDHI 8920L
Quan Mth HEd II Lab
EDHI 8920
Quan Mth HEd II
EDHI 8930
Qual Rsrch in Hi Ed
EDHI 8950
Quantitative Methods III
EDHI 8960
Intro Natl Datasets
EDHI 8990
Research Intro
EDHI 9000
Doctoral Research
EDHI 9005
Doc Grad Stu Sem
EDHI 9010
Academic Programs
EDHI 9020
Critical Issues
EDHI 9040
Classroom Tech
EDHI 9050
Org and Govern in Higher Edu
EDHI 9060
Social Theory and Higher Ed
EDHI 9200
Leadership in Hied
EDHI 9210
Strat and Mgmt in HE
EDHI 9300
Doct Dissertation
EDHI 9400
Comp High Ed
EDHI 9500
Policy Studies
EDHI 9630
Crit of Literature
EDHI 9700
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