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DANC 1250
Performance Co I
DANC 1601
Tap Dance Found I
DANC 1602
Tap Dance Foundations II
DANC 1603
Folk Dance Found
DANC 1604
Jazz Dance Found
DANC 1605
Contemp Found I
DANC 1606
Ballet Found I
DANC 1607
Ballroom Found I Lead Male
DANC 1608
Ballroom Foun I Follow Female
DANC 1609
Pilates, Mindfulness, and Yoga
DANC 1616
Ballet Foundations II
DANC 1617
Ballroom Found II Lead Male
DANC 1618
Ballroom Foun II Follow Femal
DANC 1671
Pointe I
DANC 1680
Pas De Deux
DANC 2000
Prod Assign I
DANC 2010
Dance Appreciation
DANC 2050
Alter Dance Forms I
DANC 2250
Performance Company II
DANC 2300
Dance Improv
DANC 2600
Rhythmic Analysis for Dance
DANC 2610
Tap Dance II
DANC 2642
Jazz Dance II
DANC 2652
Contemp Dance II
DANC 2662
Ballet II
DANC 2672
Pointe II
DANC 2680
Pas De Deux
DANC 2850
Pre-Prof Perf I
DANC 2900
Young Choreographer's Lab I
DANC 3000
Product Assign II
DANC 3010
Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals
DANC 3020
Principles of Science and Somatics in Dance Training
DANC 3050
Alternate Dance Forms II
DANC 3200
Teaching Practicum in Dance I
DANC 3210
Teaching Practicum in Dance II
DANC 3220
Teaching Practicum Dance III
DANC 3250
Performance Company III
DANC 3400
Intro to Dance Comp
DANC 3643
Jazz Dance III
DANC 3653
Contemp Dance III
DANC 3663
Ballet III
DANC 3672
Pointe II
DANC 3680
Pas De Deux
DANC 3700
Teaching Dance for Children
DANC 3850
Pre-Prof Perf II
DANC 3900
Young Choreographer's Lab II
DANC 4000
Independent Study
DANC 4030
Classical Ballet Forms
DANC 4250
Performance Company IV
DANC 4400
Dan Comp and Tech Int
DANC 4500
Studies in Dance History
DANC 4643
Jazz Dance III
DANC 4654
Contemp Dance IV
DANC 4664
Ballet IV
DANC 4672
Pointe II
DANC 4680
Pas De Deux
DANC 4700
Issues in Dance Education and Pedagogy
DANC 4754
Contemporary Dance IV
DANC 4764
Ballet IV
DANC 4800
Choreo Project
DANC 4810
Applied Research
DANC 4850
Pre-Prof Perf III
DANC 4900
Chor Proj/conc Prod
DANC 5460
Student Teaching
DANC 5850
Pre-Prof Perf IV
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