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CHEM 1110
Elem Chemistry
CHEM 1110L
Elem Chem Lab
CHEM 1210
Basics of Chemistry
CHEM 1211L
Freshm Chem Lab I
CHEM 1211
Freshman Chem I
CHEM 1212
Freshman Chemistry II
CHEM 1212L
Freshman Chemistry Lab II
CHEM 1311L
Adv Prin Chem Lab I
CHEM 1311H
Adv Freshm Chem I
CHEM 1312H
Advanced Freshman Chem II Hon
CHEM 1312L
Adv Prin of Chem Lab II Hon
CHEM 1411
Adv Modern Chem I
CHEM 1411L
Adv Mod Chem Lab I
CHEM 1412L
Advanced Modern Chem Lab II
CHEM 1412
Advanced Modern Chemistry II
CHEM 2100L
Elem Org Chem Lab
CHEM 2100
Elem Organic Chem
CHEM 2211
Mod Organic Chem I
CHEM 2211L
Mod Org Chem Lab I
CHEM 2212L
Mod Org Chem Lab II
CHEM 2212
Mod Org Chem II
CHEM 2300
Quant Analyt Chem
CHEM 2300L
Quantitat Analytical Chem Lab
CHEM 2311L
Adv Org Lab I
CHEM 2311H
Adv Org Chem I
CHEM 2312H
Adv Org Chem II H
CHEM 2312L
Adv Org Lab II
CHEM 2411
Adv Org Chem I
CHEM 2411L
Adv Org Lab I
CHEM 2412L
Adv Org Lab II
CHEM 2412
Adv Org Chem II
CHEM 2600
Intro to Research I
CHEM 3110
Fund Phys Chem
CHEM 3211
Modern Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 3212
Modern Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 3300
Mod Instr Analysis
CHEM 3400
Mod Inorganic Chem
CHEM 3511
Experimental Methods I
CHEM 3511L
Experimental Methods I Lab
CHEM 3512
Experimental Methods II
CHEM 3512L
Experimental Methods II Lab
CHEM 3600
Introduction to Research II
CHEM 3700
Peer Lab Assistant
CHEM 3710
Peer Learning Assistant
CHEM 4000
Res Grp Mtg
CHEM 4000L
Chem Internship
CHEM 4100
Spec Top Org Chem
CHEM 4113
Adv Org Chem III
CHEM 4120
Chem Drug Dsn
CHEM 4190
Introductory NMR
CHEM 4200
Spec Top Phys Chem
CHEM 4300
Special Topics Analytical Chem
CHEM 4400
Spec Top Inorg Chem
CHEM 4600
Independent Research
CHEM 4960H
Directed Study H
CHEM 4970H
Directed Study Hon
CHEM 4980H
Directed Study Hon
CHEM 4980R
Undergraduate Research III
CHEM 4990H
Honors Thesis
CHEM 6000
Res Grp Mtg
CHEM 6190
Introductory NMR
CHEM 6400
Intermed Inorg Chem
CHEM 6912
Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 7000
Master's Research
CHEM 7005
Grad Student Sem
CHEM 7300
Master's Thesis
CHEM 7500L
Glass Blowing
CHEM 8100
Intro Grad Seminar
CHEM 8110
Protein Str/func
CHEM 8120
Inorg Grad Seminar
CHEM 8130
Org Grad Seminar
CHEM 8140
Phys Grad Seminar
CHEM 8150
Analyt Grad Seminar
CHEM 8189
NMR Spectroscopy
CHEM 8190
Biol NMR Spec
CHEM 8210
Group Theory
CHEM 8220
Phys Methods Inorg Bioin Chem
CHEM 8230
Main Group Chem
CHEM 8240
Trans Metal Chem
CHEM 8250
Bioinorg Chem
CHEM 8290
Spec Topics Inorg
CHEM 8300
Modern Physical Organic Chem
CHEM 8310
Rxn Mechanisms
CHEM 8320
Organic Synthesis
CHEM 8330
Molecular Modeling
CHEM 8340
Org Spectroscopy
CHEM 8350
Phys/bio Org Chem
CHEM 8390
Spec Topics Organic
CHEM 8420
Polymer Science I
CHEM 8810
Mass Spectrometry
CHEM 8830
CHEM 8840
Surface Analysis
CHEM 8860
Adv Analytical Chem
CHEM 8880
CHEM 8890
Spec Topics Analyt
CHEM 8920
Thermo and Stat Mech
CHEM 8930
Intro Quantum Chem
CHEM 8950
Adv Quantum Chem
CHEM 8960
Molec Spectroscopy
CHEM 8970
Combustion Science
CHEM 8990
Spec Topics Phys
CHEM 9000
Doctoral Research
CHEM 9005
Doc Grad Stu Sem
CHEM 9300
Doct Dissertation
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