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AAEC 6930 - Environmental Law and Governmental Regulation

Regulatory theory, externalities and market failures, definition of key regulations affecting agribusiness, overview of local government law, and delineation of environmental laws relating to agriculture. Current environmental issues are related to statutory, administrative, and regulatory authorities. When this course is taught as a split level, additional requirements for graduate students: Graduate students will write a detailed report that demonstrates their creative independence with a level of complexity and specialization beyond the expectations for the undergraduate students. This report will systematically analyze and explore an advanced topic related to the course content (minimum of 8 pages and 5 scholarly references). The format and references should be in the format used by Environmental Management (Springer-Verlag).
Env Lit - Prior to Fall 2012, Env Aware - Fall 2012-Sum 2020, Env Aware - Fall 2020 or later, Environmental Econ Management, Campus Fee Package
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