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PLP 2000
Plants, Plagues and People
PLP 2060
Fungus among Us: Mushrooms, Molds and Civilization
PLP 3002C
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
PLP 3230
Survey of Plant Pathogens
PLP 4242C
Introduction to Plant Bacteriology
PLP 4260C
Introduction to Plant Pathogenic Fungi
PLP 4653C
Basic Fungal Biology
PLP 4900
Supervised Extension Experience in Plant Pathology
PLP 4905
Problems in Intermediate Plant Pathology
PLP 4911
Supervised Research in Plant Pathology
PLP 4932
Special Topics in Plant Pathology
PLP 5005C
General Plant Pathol
PLP 6241C
Bact Plant Pathogens
PLP 6262C
Fungal Plant Pathogen
PLP 6291
Plant Disease Diagnos
PLP 6502
Host-Parasit Intrct 1
PLP 6636
Front Plant Biotech
PLP 6656C
Fungal Biology
PLP 6905
Prob Adv Plant Path
PLP 6921
Coll Prin Plant Path
PLP 6932
Seminar in Plant Path
PLP 6940
Supervised Teaching
PLP 6942
Profes Intern Plnt Di
PLP 6971
Masters Research
PLP 7946
Plant Path Internship
PLP 7979
Advanced Research
PLP 7980
Doctoral Research
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