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HIST 101
Europe and the World I
HIST 102
Europe and the World II
HIST 103
World History I
HIST 104
World History II
HIST 105
U.S. History to 1865
HIST 106
U.S. History Since 1865
HIST 130
Islamic Near East: 600-1500
HIST 131
Islamic Near East: 1500-Present
HIST 134
History of Africa
HIST 135
Introduction to Latin American History
HIST 136
Topics in East Asia in Film: COLD WAR ASIA
HIST 137
East Asian Civilization: China
HIST 138
East Asian Civilization: Japan
HIST 152
American Apocalypse: The Civil War
HIST 156
American Sexualities
HIST 167
HIST 170
Plagues and Peoples in Human History
HIST 190
History of the Future
HIST 200
History and Government of Delaware
HIST 201
Introduction to Global Islam
HIST 203
Introduction to Museums
HIST 210
Introduction to Military History
HIST 211
American Military History
HIST 216
Introduction to Material Culture Studies
HIST 220
The Civil Rights Movement
HIST 221
Film and American Society
HIST 223
Nature and History
HIST 227
History of Science
HIST 241
History of Christianity to 1300
HIST 243
Ancient Religion and Civilization
HIST 250
Comparative Genocide
HIST 254
Jewish Holocaust: 1933-1945
HIST 267
HIST 268
HIST 270
History of Modern Asia
HIST 280
Global Environmental History
HIST 291
Women's History Through Film
HIST 302
The World in Our Time
HIST 303
Women in Judaism
HIST 307
American Founders & the First Rowdy Decades of the Early Rep...
HIST 308
The United States in the Antebellum Period, 1825-1861
HIST 309
Money, Markets and Mischief: U.S. Business and Political Eco...
HIST 310
Conflict and Conformity, The United States After World War I...
HIST 313
Robber Barons & Reformers: The U.S. in the Gilded Age and th...
HIST 314
The United States, 1914 - 1945
HIST 315
History for Teachers
HIST 316
Civic Engagement in America
HIST 317
Consumer Capitalism and Its Critics
HIST 318
Colonial America
HIST 319
Revolutionary America, 1760-1789
HIST 321
Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 324
American Constitutional History
HIST 325
African American History to the Civil War
HIST 326
African America History Since the Civil War
HIST 327
Topics in Jewish History: JEWISH EXPER.-- CENTRAL EUROPE
HIST 328
American Capitalism Since 1815
HIST 334
African American Women's History
HIST 336
Topics in Latin American History: HISTORIA SIGLO XX
HIST 337
Topics in American History: AMER CAPITALISM, 1492-PRESENT
HIST 339
Topics in European History: FRANCE
HIST 340
Ancient Near East and Greece
HIST 341
Ancient Rome
HIST 342
Barbarian Europe
HIST 343
Medieval Europe: 1050-1350
HIST 344
Renaissance Europe
HIST 345
Galileo, Luther, and Witches
HIST 348
History of Spain: 1479-Present: 1479 TO PRESENT
HIST 349
Modern Latin America: 1800-Present: MODERN LATIN AMERICA THR...
HIST 351
Europe in Crisis: 1919-1945
HIST 353
Modern Germany: 1770-1919
HIST 357
HIST 359
Soviet Union: 1917-1991
HIST 361
Twentieth Century France
HIST 363
Modern Jewish History
HIST 364
Eurasian China and the World, 1300-Present
HIST 365
Topics in Asian and Pacific History
HIST 366
Independent Study
HIST 367
Experimental: Australian History
HIST 368
Modern China: 1600s to Present
HIST 369
China Since 1949
HIST 373
Modern Ireland: 1660-Present
HIST 374
A Player, A Virgin, and a Regicide: Tudor & Stuart England,...
HIST 377
Radicalism and Revolution: Islamic Movement/Modern Middle Ea...
HIST 382
History of Western Medicine
HIST 387
The Queer Twentieth Century
HIST 388
American Indian History
HIST 392
Brazil in the Modern World
HIST 396
Topics in World History: PLANTS, PEOPLES, & EMPIRE
HIST 397
History of South Africa
HIST 400
History Capstone Seminar: DECOLONIZATION
HIST 463
Historical Archaeology and the Public
HIST 464
Internship in History
HIST 466
Independent Study
HIST 467
Seminar: Disability Histories
HIST 468
Undergraduate Research in History
HIST 491
Planning a Course of Instruction
HIST 492
Integrating Instructional Technology into Social Studies Tea...
HIST 493
Problems in Teaching History and Social Sciences
HIST 603
Historiography of Technology
HIST 611
Seminar in American History: MODERN AFRICAN AMERICAN HIST
HIST 617
Seminar in Gender and Women's History
HIST 633
The United States in the Twentieth Century
HIST 663
Historical Archeology and the Public
HIST 666
Special Problem
HIST 667
Seminar: Art & Craft Of Innovative Hist
HIST 680
Studies in World History: HISTORY OF CAPITALISM
HIST 692
Planning a Course of Instruction
HIST 693
Seminar: Problems in Teaching History and Social Science
HIST 803
Research and Writing Seminar: America to 1860
HIST 804
Museum Internship
HIST 805
Research and Writing Seminar: America 1860-Present
HIST 869
Master's Thesis
HIST 964
Pre-Candidacy Study
HIST 969
Doctoral Dissertation
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