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MUS 110
Fundamentals of Music
MUS 111
Theory of Music I
MUS 112
Theory of Music II
MUS 113
Aural Skills I
MUS 114
Aural Skills II
MUS 115
Music in Theory & Practice
MUS 121
Composition I
MUS 122
Composition I
MUS 123
Introduction to Therapeutic Movement
MUS 125
Introduction to Music Therapy
MUS 191
Voice Class
MUS 195
Beginning Guitar Class I
MUS 196
Group Piano I
MUS 200
Recital Attendance
MUS 202
Prof Dev Workshops
MUS 205
Mus Tech Cult
MUS 211
Theory of Music III
MUS 212
Theory of Music IV
MUS 213
Aural Skills III
MUS 214
Aural Skills IV
MUS 218
Popular Jazz Theory
MUS 221
Composition II
MUS 222
Composition II
MUS 223
Intro Music Tech
MUS 231
Intro to Mus Ed
MUS 232
Integr Music Curr
MUS 233
MUS 235
Voice Pedagogy
MUS 236
Voice Lab
MUS 237
Brass Instrument Lab
MUS 238
Woodwind Instrument Laboratory
MUS 240
Fund of Conducting
MUS 241
Keyboard Comp I
MUS 242
Keyboard Comp II
MUS 244
Func Mus Thrpy Skls
MUS 246
Mus Ther Treat Proc
MUS 250
Second Year Review
MUS 271
Music Therapy Methods I: Re-Creative
MUS 273
Practicum in Music Therapy I
MUS 282
Functional Music Therapy Skills
MUS 285
Intro Mus Therapy
MUS 286
Music Therapy Methods
MUS 287
Practicum in Music Therapy I
MUS 288
Practicum in Music Therapy II
MUS 289
Practm Mus Thrpy III
MUS 290
Music Therapy Treatment Processes
MUS 295
Beginning Guitar Class II
MUS 296
Func Keybd Skls I
MUS 297
Func Keybd Skls II
MUS 298
Func Keybd Skls III
MUS 300
World Musics and Faith Traditions
MUS 301
Und Music History in West
MUS 302
Ethics and American Popular Music
MUS 303
Introduction to Musics of the World
MUS 304
Survy-Amer Musics
MUS 305
African-American Sacred Music
MUS 315
Music, Gender and Sexuality
MUS 318
Fund of Arranging
MUS 321
Composition III
MUS 322
Composition III
MUS 323
Exp Dig Sound Media
MUS 327
Music in Film
MUS 330
Faith Trad in Music Hist
MUS 331
Choral Mus Methods
MUS 332
Instrumental Music Methods
MUS 335
Classroom Mus Mthds
MUS 336
Woodwind Pedagogy
MUS 337
Brass Pedagogy
MUS 338
Percussn Pedagogy
MUS 339
String Pedagogy
MUS 340
Music Education for Diverse Student Populations in Inclusive...
MUS 345
Choral Conducting
MUS 346
Instrumental Conducting
MUS 352
Understanding Sacred Music & Worship in the Local Church
MUS 360
Special Topics-Music
MUS 362
Music Buddhism SEA
MUS 363
Music & Faith Stage
MUS 365
MUS 370
MUT Methods II: Receptive
MUS 371
Music Therapy Methods III: Improvisation
MUS 372
Practicum in Music Therapy II
MUS 373
Practicum in Music Therapy III
MUS 375
Research in Music Therapy
MUS 381
Clin Educ Improv I
MUS 382
Clin Educ Improv II
MUS 385
Music Therapy Principles
MUS 386
Music & Psychothrpy
MUS 387
Practicum in Music Therapy IV
MUS 388
Practm Mus Thrpy V
MUS 390
Univ Jazz Band
MUS 391
Jazz Improv I
MUS 392
Jazz Improvisation II
MUS 399
Piano Performance
MUS 408
Diction & Literature for Singers
MUS 416
Adv Orchestration
MUS 421
Composition IV
MUS 422
Composition IV
MUS 423
Compstn-Lrge Ensemb
MUS 424
Advanced Notational Techniques
MUS 425
Electronic Music Composition
MUS 430
Jazz Pedagogy
MUS 431
Marching Band Pedagogy
MUS 450
Degree Recital
MUS 470
Music Therapy Principles
MUS 471
Music & Psychotherapy
MUS 472
Practicum in Music Therapy IV
MUS 473
Practicum in Music Therapy V
MUS 477H
Honors Thesis
MUS 477
Honors Thesis
MUS 478
Honors Thesis Project
MUS 481
Capstone Proj Pres
MUS 486
Mus Therapy Research
MUS 487
Music Therapy Design and Facilitation Lab
MUS 489
Mus Therapy Intrnshp
MUS 491
University Orchestra
MUS 492
Symphonic Wind Ens
MUS 493
University Chorale
MUS 494
Dayton Jazz Ensemble
MUS 499
Piano Performance
MUS 584
Topics in Music Psychotherapy
MUS 585
Music Therapy Principles and Theories
MUS 586
Methods of Music Psychotherapy
MUS 587
Adv Music Therapy Research
MUS 599
Grad Perf Studies
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