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THEA 1100
Oral Interpretation
THEA 1400
Script Analysis
THEA 1500
Acting (Open)
THEA 1510
Stage Movement
THEA 1520
Stage Voice
THEA 1600
Stagecraft (Open)
THEA 1610
Stage Make-Up
THEA 1900
Theatre Practicum
THEA 2400
Discovering Theatre
THEA 2610
Design Fundamentals
THEA 2620
Costume Technology
THEA 2630
Drafting for the Theatre
THEA 3220
Children's Theatre
THEA 3500
Advanced Scene Study
THEA 3600
Scene Design
THEA 3610
Costume Design
THEA 3620
Lighting Design
THEA 3630
Studio Theatre I
THEA 3700
THEA 3900
Special Topics in Theatre
THEA 4300
Professional Practices
THEA 4310
Princ Theatre Management
THEA 4400
Lit & Hist of Theatre I
THEA 4420
Lit & Hist Of Theatre II
THEA 4430
Amercn Musical Theatre History
THEA 4440
Lit & Hist of Theatre III
THEA 4500
Advanced Acting
THEA 4510
Period Acting Styles
THEA 4610
Adv Stage Lighting & Sound
THEA 4620
Period Research
THEA 4710
Advanced Directing
THEA 4730
Studio Theatre II
THEA 4810
Musical Theatre Laboratory
THEA 4910
Senior Showcase
THEA 4920
Sec Field Experience II
THEA 4930
Co-Curricular Practicum
THEA 4984
Meth Tchg Spch & Theatre
THEA 5310
Modern Theatrical Styles
THEA 5400
Develop Of The Amer Theatre
THEA 5900
Seminar in Theatre
THEA 5990
Intro Grad Study Theatre
THEA 6900
Readings In Theatre
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