GENDER M124 - Sex, Race, and Difference in Transnational Film

(Same as Film and Television M124.) Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Drawing on feminist media studies, training of students in media literacy so they acquire necessary skills to critically interrogate film as medium of communication and to appreciate how film provides lens to examine some of most critical issues of our time. Development of understanding of transnationality to examine how circulations of capital, labor, and commodities transect, render problematic, and sometimes reinforce national borders. Examination of role of film in both exemplifying and representing these conditions of transnationality. How films enable understanding of historical and contemporary relationships between mobility, coercion, and migration; colonialism and settler colonialism; Orientalism, geopolitics, and sexuality; cultural identity and diaspora; transnational conceptions of sexual desire and embodiment; immigration and religious difference; and criminalization of racial difference. P/NP or letter grading.
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