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SOSC 19013 - European Civilization in Paris-I

The first quarter of Global Society addresses social thought from a global perspective by first considering some classic works from the Western tradition and then reading major statements about society from the classical traditions of others cultures including: Latin America, Islam, East Asia, and Africa. In Global Society, students read these statements simultaneously as theoretical treatises, as empirical approaches, and as normative prescriptions for the social world. This three-pronged approach enables us to disentangle differences in empirical perception from differences in values and to assess how, in combination, these color our own inevitably particular judgments of world events. The course opens a set of themes that will run through the entire sequence: individual-and-society, tradition-and-change, sources of social values, difference and particularity. The pedagogical emphasis is on close reading, discussion, and analytic writing. Possible readings include: Thomas More, J. J. Rousseau, D. F. Sarmiento, Ali Shariati, Raden Ayu Kartini, and Léopold Sédar Senghor
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