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MDL 4008 - Middle School Natural Science Methods II

This course will focus on effective pedagogy for the middle level science classroom. Much of the way students have learned science has been throughlecture and teacher-centered instructional modes of delivery. Research has demonstrated that students must be engaged in doing science in the context of the real world, including the use of inquiry as the central strategy for teaching science (NRC, 1996) for deep conceptual understanding to take place. This course will provide students with a immersion in inquiry-basedscience teaching focused on the integration of literacy and other disciplines within the context of teaching science. Pre-Requisite: To take this course you must: Have taken the following Course MDL4001 min grade C-. Be enrolled in one of these Sub Plans MDL-LN, MDL-MN, MDL-SN, SPED-LN.
CM Effective Communication CT Critical Thinking KI Knowledge Integration SR Social Responsibility
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