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MDL 4003 - Middle School Social Studies Methods I

This course is designed to engage students in an examination of social studies content and how suchcontent is reflected in grades 5-9 curriculum in Ohio. Readings, assignments, and in-class activities will be directed at reinforcing students' knowledge of U.S history, World History,Political Science and Government, Economics, Geography, Sociology, and Anthropology and how specific grade level content relates to the purpose for teaching social studies: the development of democratic efficacy and citizenship. Course assignments, readings, and activities will explore ways in which the various strands of social studies can be meaningfully integrated within middle childhood curriculum and instruction. Additionally, the course will focus on the evaluation and critique of social studies content reflected, and not reflected, in state andnational standards from various historical, cultural, and political perspectives. Course assignments will introduce the process of lesson planning, focusing on the selection of content to teach in regards to state and national standards, connecting content to the overall purposes for teaching social studies as reflected by NCSS Pre-Requisite: To take this course you must: Be enrolled in one of these Sub Plans MDL-LS, MDL-SM, MDL-SN.
CM Effective Communication CT Critical Thinking IL Information Literacy KI Knowledge Integration SR Social Responsibility
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