IT 5002 - Senior Design Project Management II

This course focuses on the knowledge and skills required to complete the second phase of the capstone senior experience: Final Product. The purpose of this phase is to complete the implementation of the project, conduct product testing and deploy the product. The knowledge and skills gained from this course will be applied to the student's capstone project through the co-requisite course (Senior Design Technical Practicum II). The course is composed of three modules. The first module covers topics related tohuman computer interaction and user interface design. The second module covers topics related toproduct testing and deployment. The third module covers topics related to entrepreneurship and creating a business plan for the product. Pre-Requisite: To take this course you must: Have taken the following Courses 18IT490 min grade C-, or 20IT490 min grade C-, or 32IT490 min grade C-, or IT5001 min grade C-,IT5031 min grade C-, or IT5041 min grade C-, or IT5071 min grade C-.
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