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POLI 308Z - Issues in Canadian Politics - ISSUES CDN POLI

Student Directed Seminar: "The Canadian response to the global refugee crisis.". Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jenny Peterson. Student Coordinators: Saya Soma and Credo Casmil To register, please fill out this quick form to indicate your interests in the topic - If you have any questions, please email the student facilitators at Are you interested in Canada's role in mitigating the Global Refugee Crises? If so, join this Student Directed Seminar (SDS) to critically engage with this pressing issue. SDSs can be a rewarding experience for highly motivated students! This seminar will analyze the Canadian approach to providing asylum for those who are forcibly displaced. Using the framework of three durable solutions proposed by the UNHCR, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Canadas asylum infrastructure. The subjects of analyses include the Canadian definition of a refugee, asylum legal framework, private sectors role in resettlement sponsorship, NGOs support networks, individual programs supporting refugees like the Student Refugee Program by WUSC + UBC, and so on. The seminar will consist of discussions, presentations, and possible speakers from refugee-related organizations. Through the group project and corresponding term paper, students will examine specific issues within the Canadian refugee support system and propose possible and ~ solutions.
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