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CRJU 2300
Intro Criminal Justice
CRJU 3301
Criminal Evidence
CRJU 3302
Legal Aspects
CRJU 3303
CRJU 3304
Police and Society
CRJU 3305
Seminar: Domestic Violence
CRJU 3307
Criminal Law
CRJU 3309
Cyber Crime
CRJU 3310
Race/Ethnicity And CJ
CRJU 3311
CRJU 3312
CRJU 3313
Crime And Science
CRJU 3314
Statistics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 3315
Sex Crimes
CRJU 3337
Juvenile Delinquency
CRJU 3338
Criminological Theory
CRJU 3390
Neighborhood Studies
CRJU 3396
Psych/Criminal Process
CRJU 4300
Crime & Behavior
CRJU 4301
Judicial Process
CRJU 4302
Law & Society
CRJU 4304
Criminal Justice Resrch
CRJU 4305
Juvenile Law/Process
CRJU 4307
Drug Abuse
CRJU 4309
Crime Prevention
CRJU 4310
CRJU 4311
Security Management
CRJU 4312
Homeland Security
CRJU 4313
Information Security
CRJU 4320
Independent Study
CRJU 4332
Correction Psychology
CRJU 4333
Cooperative Education
CRJU 4380
Compare Crim Just System
CRJU 5300
Crime & Behavior
CRJU 5301
Judicial Process
CRJU 5302
Law & Society
CRJU 7300
Criminological Theory
CRJU 7301
CRJU 7303
Criminal Justice Systems
CRJU 7304
Criminal Justice Policy
CRJU 7305
Seminar In Criminal Law
CRJU 7320
Applied Research/Analysis
CRJU 7321
CJ Orgs & Management
CRJU 7322
Foundations Of Policing
CRJU 7323
Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 7330
CRJU 7340
Correctional Admin
CRJU 7341
Teaching Practicum
CRJU 7360
Deviant Behavior
CRJU 7370
Juvenile Delinq Problems
CRJU 7390
Independent Study
CRJU 7391
Social Statistics
CRJU 7392
Research Methods
CRJU 7393
ST: Crime Prevention
CRJU 8193
CRJU 8303
CRJU 8309
Advanced Research Design
CRJU 8310
Doctoral Proseminar
CRJU 8313
Advanced Criminological Theory
CRJU 8314
Mixed Methodology
CRJU 8315
Multivariate Statistics
CRJU 8316
Advanced Statistics
CRJU 8383
Research Practicum
CRJU 8393
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