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TCF 100
Intro to Telecommunication
TCF 112
Motion Pict Hy Criticism
TCF 145
Media Production
TCF 201
Intro to Video Production
TCF 241
The Documentary Form
TCF 286
Intro to Reporting
TCF 288
News Shadowing Intern
TCF 301
Intro to Audio Production
TCF 305
Telecom Audience Analys
TCF 311
Critical Stdy Television
TCF 312
Advanced Videography
TCF 315
TCF 321
Accounc Perform for Rtv
TCF 322
Multicamera Productions
TCF 332
Fund. of Electronic News
TCF 333
Advanced Electronic Reporting
TCF 334
Broadcast News Portfolio
TCF 335
New Media
TCF 340
International Cinema
TCF 357
Production Management
TCF 361
Intro to Post Production
TCF 367
Advanced Prod. Management
TCF 380
Full Frame Travel Class
TCF 381
Tcf Practicum
TCF 387
Tcf Internship
TCF 389
Telecom Applied Topics
TCF 390
Electronic Media Sales
TCF 411
Travel Section Film Fest & Ind
TCF 412
Screen Directing
TCF 420
Telecommuncatn Effects
TCF 433
Broadcast News Analysis
TCF 434
Documenting Justice I
TCF 435
Documenting Justice II
TCF 436
International Electronic Media
TCF 437
Specializations in Prod. Mgt.
TCF 438
TCF 440
Sem in American Cinema
TCF 441
Documentary Production
TCF 442
Advanced Video Projects
TCF 444
Sem Telecomm/Film Topics
TCF 446
Anatomy of a Crime
TCF 451
Advanced Television Production
TCF 461
Advanced Post Production
TCF 520
Telecommuncatn Effects
TCF 533
Broadcast News Analysis
TCF 534
Documenting Justice I
TCF 535
Documenting Justice II
TCF 540
Sem in American Cinema
TCF 544
Prosem Brdcst Film Topic
TCF 597
Independent Research
TCF 598
Master's Research Project
TCF 599
Thesis Research
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