SW 440 - SW Pract with Indiv & Families

Social Work 440 is the first in a sequence of four practice courses required for the BSW degree. The sequence is designed to prepare students for generalist practice. The course focuses on practice with individuals and families. The course emphasizes professional relationships that are characterized by mutuality, collaboration and respect for clients. The course addresses development of self-awareness, identification of personal values, and the potential for ethical dilemmas resulting from conflicting values. The content is intended to develop the knowledge and skills needed to enable individuals and families to reach their potential through a problem-solving approach. Issues of aging, poverty, sexism, racism, and heterosexism are addressed in each unit of study. This course has the University Core Curriculum 'W' designation. Writing proficiency is required for a passing grade in this course.Online sections of this course require concurrent enrollment in SW 440 skills lab.
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