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NURS 3110
Hlth Assmt Lfsp Pr
NURS 3121
Esstl Nurs Care Pr
NURS 3221
Essentls Nurs Care
NURS 3230
Healthcare Systems
NURS 3240
Nur Care Lfspn Prc
NURS 3250
Hlth Assmt Lifespn
NURS 3260
Psy Mental Prac
NURS 3300
Fndtn Prf Nur Prac
NURS 3302
Research & Ethics
NURS 3360
Psych Mental Hlth
NURS 3430
Patho And Pharm
NURS 3440
Nur Care Lifespan
NURS 4160
Maternal & Newborn Nurs Practm
NURS 4170
Pediatric Nursing Practicum
NURS 4201
Prof Grwth Empwrmt
NURS 4211
Nur Care Cpx Hl Pr
NURS 4250
Matnl Peds Nur Prc
NURS 4260
Maternal & Newborn Nursing
NURS 4270
Pediatric Nursing
NURS 4280
Cmnty & Population Hlth Nur Pr
NURS 4311
Nur Care Cmpx Hlt
NURS 4341
Ldrshp Mgt Care Pr
NURS 4350
Mtnl New Ped Nurs
NURS 4351
Leadershp Mgt Nurs
NURS 4380
Communty & Population Hlth Nur
NURS 5102
Adv Hlth Assessment Prac
NURS 5106
Trans Research 2
NURS 5107
Trans Research 3
NURS 5111
Diagnostic Reason Procedures
NURS 5170
Adv Hlth Assessment Mh Focus
NURS 5176
NURS 5177
Psychotherapy Practicum
NURS 5180
Adv Health Assmt-Pmhnp
NURS 5182
Psychoeducation Theory
NURS 5183
Psychoeducation Practicum
NURS 5202
Adv Hlth Assessmnt
NURS 5204
Trans Research 1
NURS 5205
Leadership Finance Adv Prac
NURS 5208
Health Policy Issues Ethics
NURS 5209
Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 5210
Adv Health Assessment Prac
NURS 5230
Pmhnp Pediatric Management
NURS 5233
Pmh Pediatric Management Pract
NURS 5250
Mental Health Primary Care
NURS 5256
Geriatric Primary Care
NURS 5257
Geriatric Primary Care Prac
NURS 5273
NURS 5274
Developmental Models
NURS 5275
Developmntl Models Lifespan
NURS 5281
NURS 5287
Self-Mgmt Mh Practicum
NURS 5301
Adv Pathophys
NURS 5303
Adv Pharm
NURS 5310
Adlt Gero Pc Prac
NURS 5330
Ped/Adol Care Prac
NURS 5345
Young Middle Adult Prim Care
NURS 5346
Young Middle Adult Prim Prac
NURS 5350
Intgr Fam Pc Prac
NURS 5351
Theory And Role Development
NURS 5360
NURS 5361
Quality Improvement
NURS 5362
Safety, Risk & Regulations
NURS 5363
Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 5365
Ethics & Diversity
NURS 5366
Health Policy
NURS 5367
Reflective Practice I
NURS 5368
Reflective Practice II
NURS 5372
Psych Theory For Pmhnp
NURS 5384
Role, Ethics And Leadership
NURS 5385
Translational Resrch Capstone
NURS 5386
NURS 5391
Translational Ebp Capstone
NURS 5410
Adlt Gero Pc
NURS 5430
Ped/Adol Care
NURS 5450
Intgr Fam Pc
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