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ENGL 0611
Sentence Improvement
ENGL 0621
ENGL 0641
Basic Vocabulary
ENGL 0903
Reading Foundations I
ENGL 0913
Reading Foundations II
ENGL 0923
Writing Foundations I
ENGL 0933
Writing Foundations II
ENGL 0943
Writing Foundations Workshop
ENGL 1071
College Vocabulary Enrichment
ENGL 1083
Grammar and Mechanics
ENGL 1113
Composition I
ENGL 1213
Composition II
ENGL 2333
Technical and Professional Writing
ENGL 2343
Business Communication I
ENGL 2383
Advanced Composition
ENGL 2413
HONORS Introduction to Literature
ENGL 2433
Novel Writing
ENGL 2443
Poetry Writing
ENGL 2453
Scriptwriting I
ENGL 2473
Short Story Writing
ENGL 2493
HONORS Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 2543
British Literature to 1800
ENGL 2553
Scriptwriting II
ENGL 2653
British Literature from 1800
ENGL 2773
American Literature to 1865
ENGL 2883
American Literature from 1865
ENGL 2893
African American Literature
ENGL 2991
Orientation to US Higher Ed.
ENGL 2993
Scriptwriting II
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