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GRA 0131 - Print Matters

Considering the conceptual, social, and mechanical aspects of publication, this course focuses on publication as a means of public-making through discourse: a verb rather than a noun. Publication is a social act, inherently political, anarchic and nonhierarchical in form and function, highly volatile in nature, able to break off and create new formulations of itself at will. Looking into activist, communal, commercial, and quotidian histories, as well as more current modes of art making, Print Matters utilizes the mechanism and concept of publication as a vehicle to discuss how and why we converge, and the uses of various tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, for the formation of those convergences. Access modes of production that seem commonplace, including photocopies, stickers, postcards, and offset/newspaper printing, students will independently and collaboratively imagine and produce work for public dissemination.Non-SMFA students and MAT Art Education students will receive a letter grade.
MFA Studio Art SoE-HASS-Arts SoE-HASS LA-Distribution-Arts BFA Studio Art Studio Art
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