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GRA 0122 - Remade, Recycled, Reconfigured

This mixed media studio class will explore collage in its many potential configurations: as visual poetry, as conjunction/disjunction, as narrative, as social commentary, as recycling - a perfect vehicle for combining text, image, and object. Whether generated digitally in PhotoShop, in a traditional studio space with glue, brushes, and paper, or some combination of the two, collage has endless applications and enduring fascination for today's artists. Workshops and assigned problems will expand collage options working with hands-on techniques, digital imaging, and the myriad potential interfaces between the two. Generating and maintaining an active dialogue between the hand-made and the digital image/object will be key to this course. Slide lectures, books and catalogues, videos, plus a relevant field trip or visiting artist, will expose students to art historical antecedents as well as to exciting examples of contemporary collage - both digital and hand-made.Non-SMFA students and MAT Art Education students will receive a letter grade.
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