IS 101 - Introduction to Information Systems

Prerequisite: Highly recommend ACCUPLACER reading placement score of 50 or higher. An introduction to computer terminology, hardware and application programs for management information systems. Students are introduced to business, industry and education applications of popular software using spreadsheets, word processors, and data bases. "Hands on" experience is provided through student use of open lab. Class Notes: Online Course Fee: $15. Lab Fee: $2. Online classes are accessible the first Monday of the semester. Students need to have access to Microsoft Office 2016 (WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, and POWERPOINT), a computer and internet access to complete assignments. Students who do not have access to Microsoft Office 2016 installed in their home or office computers, may use the following general access labs on any of the following TMCC campuses: SIER109 on the Dandini campus, MDWS 124 on the Meadowood campus, EDSN 109 on the Edison campus or HSC 100 at the Redfield campus.
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