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PSY 0816
Workings of the Mind
PSY 0817
Brain Matters
PSY 0818
Human Sexuality
PSY 0825
Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
PSY 0916
Honors Workings of the Mind
PSY 1001
Introduction to Psychology
PSY 1002
Careers in Psychology
PSY 1003
Statistics for Psychology
PSY 1004
Critical Thinking in Psychology
PSY 1110
Topics in Psychology I
PSY 1901
Honors: Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2101
Foundations of Cognitive Psychology
PSY 2102
Foundations of Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology
PSY 2103
Foundations of Learning and Behavior Analysis
PSY 2104
Foundations of Sensation and Perception
PSY 2201
Foundations of Psychopathology
PSY 2301
Foundations of Developmental Psychology
PSY 2401
Foundations of Social Psychology
PSY 2402
Foundations of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 2501
Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 2502
Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 2601
Foundations of Health Psychology
PSY 2901
Honors: Foundations of Cognitive Psychology
PSY 2931
Honors: Foundations of Developmental Psychology
PSY 2991
Honors Research I
PSY 3002
Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology
PSY 3003
Advanced Undergraduate Statistics
PSY 3005
Affective Neuroscience
PSY 3006
Stress and the Brain
PSY 3007
Neuropharmacology of Drugs of Abuse
PSY 3008
Decision Neuroscience
PSY 3096
Conducting Psychological Research
PSY 3100
Topics: Neuropharmacology of Substance Abuse
PSY 3131
Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
PSY 3132
Human Memory
PSY 3151
Direct Applications of Behavioral Principles
PSY 3221
Clinical Psychology: Research and Practice
PSY 3223
Child Psychopathology and Treatment
PSY 3301
Phases of Development: Infancy
PSY 3303
Psychological Testing: Measuring IQ, Thoughts, Feelings, and...
PSY 3304
Personality, Social and Emotional Development
PSY 3305
Cognitive and Language Development
PSY 3306
Neuroscience of Development and Aging
PSY 3411
Social Cognition
PSY 3418
Human Performance Improvement
PSY 3501
Investigation of Addiction Disorders
PSY 3561
PSY 3566
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
PSY 3600
Advanced Topics In Health Psychology
PSY 3602
Clinical Neuropsychology
PSY 3603
Clinical Applications of Health Psychology
PSY 3604
Food on the Brain
PSY 3615
History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 3620
Topics in Psychology: Psychological Resilience
PSY 3785
Psychology Internship
PSY 3787
PSY 3791
Collaborative Research I
PSY 3891
Collaborative Research II
PSY 3920
Honors Topics in Psychology
PSY 3921
Honors Cognitive Enhancement and Superior Cognition
PSY 3991
Honors Research II
PSY 4182
Independent Study in Cognitive Neuroscience I
PSY 4282
Independent Study in Cognitive Neuroscience II
PSY 4696
Capstone in Psychology: Psychology Through Food
PSY 4791
Collaborative Research III
PSY 4891
Collaborative Research IV
PSY 4991
Honors Research III
PSY 4996
Honors Capstone
PSY 5003
Advanced Statistics
PSY 5100
Topics: Brain, Behavior And Cognition
PSY 5104
Ethics and Ethical Conflicts in Psychological Science
PSY 5791
Master's Directed Research I
PSY 5891
Master's Directed Research II
PSY 8005
Affective Neuroscience
PSY 8011
Graduate Statistics I
PSY 8015
Teaching of Psychology
PSY 8016
Professional Development Seminar
PSY 8017
Professional Issues for Psychology Careers
PSY 8021
Graduate Statistics II
PSY 8031
Survey of Multivariate Techniques
PSY 8032
Structural Equation Modeling
PSY 8033
Hierarchical Linear Modeling
PSY 8310
Topical Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
PSY 8312
Core Course in Cognitive Psychology
PSY 8410
Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology
PSY 8411
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
PSY 8412
Core Course in Psychopathology
PSY 8413
Psychological Assessment I
PSY 8420
Topical Seminars in Clinical Psychology
PSY 8423
Psychological Assessment II
PSY 8430
Topical Seminars in Clinical Psychology IV
PSY 8433
Clinical Psychology: Scientific and Professional Dimensions
PSY 8481
Social, Cognitive, and Developmental Aspects of Behavior
PSY 8510
Topical Seminar in Developmental Psychology I to IV
PSY 8512
Core Course In Developmental Psychology
PSY 8610
Human Performance Improvement
PSY 8612
Core Course in Social Psychology
PSY 8712
Core Course in Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 9187
Clinical Practicum
PSY 9283
Readings in Psychology
PSY 9287
Clinical Practicum
PSY 9387
Clinical Practicum
PSY 9411
Clinical Research Methodology
PSY 9485
Ph.D. Internship Course
PSY 9487
Clinical Practicum
PSY 9587
Clinical Practicum
PSY 9987
Assessment Practicum
PSY 9991
PSY 9994
Preliminary Examination Preparation
PSY 9998
Pre-Dissertation Research
PSY 9999
Ph.D. Dissertation Research
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