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NSCI 0817
Brain Matters
NSCI 1051
Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NSCI 1951
Honors Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NSCI 2001
Functional Neuroanatomy
NSCI 2121
NSCI 2122
Cellular Neuroscience
NSCI 2222
The Neurobiology of Disease
NSCI 3000
Current Topics in Neuroscience: Pain
NSCI 3005
Affective Neuroscience
NSCI 3006
Stress and the Brain
NSCI 3007
Neuropharmacology of Drugs of Abuse
NSCI 3008
Decision Neuroscience
NSCI 3087
Techniques in Neuroscience
NSCI 3096
Conducting Neuroscience Research
NSCI 3900
Honors Special Topics: Neuropharmacology Of Substance Abuse
NSCI 4182
Independent Study in Neuroscience 1
NSCI 4191
Collaborative Research I
NSCI 4197
Capstone in Neuroscience
NSCI 4282
Independent Study in Neuroscience 2
NSCI 4291
Collaborative Research II
NSCI 5001
Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience
NSCI 5002
NSCI 5016
Professional Development in Neuroscience
NSCI 8007
NSCI 8008
NSCI 9381
Readings in Neuroscience
NSCI 9991
Directed Research
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