EDAD 8635 - Education Policy Analysis

This course will focus on current issues in education policy, with an emphasis on identifying underlying causes and exploring potential solutions to problems facing public schools. Although the primary focus will be on education policies, we will also consider social policies that shape educational opportunity and schooling. Throughout the semester we will evaluate the evidence for and against various policies, using the tools of policy analysis. Using the tools of policy analysis, our focus will be on understanding the problems these policies are trying to solve, the success of existing policies, and the potential alternative policies that might be available to solve them. While it is impossible to provide an in-depth analysis of such a broad topic, we will cover many of the major initiatives including school finance reforms, market-based reforms, accountability, and teacher recruitment and evaluation. While the content for the first four sessions is set, specific topics for the remaining sessions will be determined at the beginning of the semester to reflect the interests of enrolled students. Note: Prior to summer 2, 2017, the course title was "Current Issues in Educational Policy."
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