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CSCD 5527 - Foundations and Rehabilitation of Language and Cognitive Disorders in Aphasia

This course provides an overview of acquired neurogenic language disorders and the ways in which these disorders have historically been described and explained. Approaches to diagnosis and treatment of adult language disorders and the evolution from neuroanatomical to cognitive and social models are discussed. The course begins with a review of the etiology and neuroanatomy underlying aphasic syndromes. The classical, neuroanatomical view of acquired language disorder is described, followed by an overview of syndrome classification. This is followed by a detailed review of cognitive-psycholinguistic models of language and communication disorders as well as the life participation approach to rehabilitation of communication disorders. The remainder of the course provides a review of specific language disorders associated with neurological etiologies (especially stroke-based aphasia), their effects on comprehension and production of oral and written language and specific intervention approaches. The course also offers a review of current research that focuses on impairments of cognitive processes that support language processing such as short-term memory (STM) and executive processing.
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