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FTDM 10013
TV Studies for Non-Majors
FTDM 10053
Survey of Film
FTDM 10073
Media Adaptations - Marvel & DC on the Big Screen
FTDM 10113
History of Broadcasting
FTDM 10123
History Of Film
FTDM 10143
Intro Film/TV Aesthetics
FTDM 20213
Basic Video Production
FTDM 20523
Business Of Media
FTDM 21113
Sports Broadcasting
FTDM 21713
Intro Remote Sports
FTDM 30003
Honors Tutorial
FTDM 30103
Media Analysis
FTDM 30203
Audio Theory & Practice
FTDM 30213
Advanced Video Production
FTDM 30223
FTDM 30243
FTDM 30393
Motion Graphics SFX
FTDM 30410
Film and Television Genres - Musicals
FTDM 30453
Crime Films & Society
FTDM 30463
Media Decades - The 1940's
FTDM 30473
History in the Movies
FTDM 30513
Audience Research
FTDM 30573
TV Programming
FTDM 30593
Television, Culture & Society
FTDM 30860
Internship in FTDM
FTDM 31713
Remote Sports Production
FTDM 31723
Producing the Live Sports Evnt
FTDM 31733
Audio for Sports TV & Radio
FTDM 40210
Topics in Production - Writing the 21st Cent TVSeries
FTDM 40223
Entertainment Law
FTDM 40333
FTDM 40383
Documentary Production
FTDM 40513
Topics in Media Industry - The Business of Transmedia
FTDM 40523
Mgt:Broadcst, Cable, Film
FTDM 40643
Media & Popular Culture
FTDM 40653
Popular Music & Record Ind
FTDM 40663
Contemporary Media
FTDM 40683
Film Theory & Criticism
FTDM 40813
Sex and Violence
FTDM 40900
Special Problems In FTDM - Schieffer Associates
FTDM 40901
Senior Seminar In FTDM
FTDM 41333
Sports Post-Production
FTDM 41383
Sports Documentary Production
FTDM 41580
Topics in Sports Media - The Changing Industry
FTDM 41713
Global Sports Media
FTDM 45113
FTDM 49003
Capstone Project
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