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ARST 10103
Drawing I
ARST 10113
Drawing II
ARST 10123
Design And Color
ARST 10133
Three Dimensional Design
ARST 20143
ARST 20183
Intro to Printmaking
ARST 20213
ARST 20243
ARST 20503
Video Art:Beginning New Media
ARST 20743
Photography - Photography One
ARST 20970
Intermediate Studio
ARST 21103
Life Studies
ARST 30003
Junior Honors Seminar
ARST 30100
Life Studies
ARST 30140
Advanced Painting
ARST 30170
Advanced Print Media
ARST 30210
Advanced Ceramics
ARST 30240
Adv Sculpture - Bronze Casting
ARST 30510
3D Modeling & 3D Printing
ARST 30710
Color Photography
ARST 30743
Photographic Portrait
ARST 30780
Studio Photography
ARST 30903
Sem In Art Professions
ARST 30913
Art Criticism & Theory
ARST 40003
Senior Honors Research
ARST 40893
Senior Art Exhibition
ARST 40970
Special Problems - Making Animal Imagery
ARST 60120
Graduate Critique
ARST 60140
ARST 60420
ARST 60903
Seminar In Art Criticism
ARST 60970
Special Problems
ARST 70991
Thesis Exhibition - Painting
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