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PSYC 3301
Psychology of Learning
PSYC 3302
Health Psychology
PSYC 3303
Educational Psychology
PSYC 3305
Human Cognitive Processes
PSYC 3307
Human Lifespan
PSYC 3309
Writing in Psychology
PSYC 3310
Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3312
Biological Foundations of Behavior
PSYC 3315
Human Sexuality
PSYC 3330
Statistics for the Behavioral Science
PSYC 3350
PSYC 3360
Sport Psychology
PSYC 4302
Adaptive Psychology
PSYC 4305
Social Psychology
PSYC 4320
History of Psychology
PSYC 4332
PSYC 4384
Psychology Undergraduate Internship
PSYC 4389
ST: Psyc of the Stock Market
PSYC 4435
Principle Research for Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 5090
Psychology Comprehensive Examination
PSYC 5198
Psychology Thesis
PSYC 5300
Behavioral Statistics
PSYC 5301
Research Methods
PSYC 5302
Social Psychological Processes
PSYC 5303
Theories of Learning
PSYC 5304
Human Development
PSYC 5311
Culture, Minority and Gender Issues
PSYC 5313
Crisis Intervention and Management Individual and Family
PSYC 5314
Assessment Intelligence and Achievement
PSYC 5316
Advanced Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design
PSYC 5321
Evolutionary Psychology
PSYC 5360
Foundations of School Psychology
PSYC 5380
Personality Social Assessment
PSYC 5381
Assessment and Evaluation Fundamentals
PSYC 5383
Consultation and Supervision
PSYC 5384
Psychology Internship I
PSYC 5385
Psychology Internship II
PSYC 5391
Psychology Practicum I: Field Experience
PSYC 5392
Psychology Practicum II: Field Experience
PSYC 5393
Psychology Practicum III: Field Experience
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