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MGMT 3301
Principles of Management
MGMT 3302
Personnel and Human Resource Management
MGMT 3310
Entrepreneurship I
MGMT 3350
Organizational Behavior
MGMT 4302
Productive Relationships
MGMT 4303
Wage and Salary Administration
MGMT 4304
Recruitment and Selection of Human Resources
MGMT 4305
Human Resource Development
MGMT 4306
Employer and Labor Relations
MGMT 4310
Entrepreneurship II
MGMT 4321
Production and Operations Management
MGMT 4325
Leadership Theory and Practice
MGMT 4340
ST: Project Management
MGMT 4360
Emergency Management
MGMT 4370
Introduction to Project Management
MGMT 4384
PB:Plans Specialist Internship
MGMT 4388
MGMT Prob:Entrepreneurship II
MGMT 5090
Management Comprehensive Examination
MGMT 5301
Organizational Behavior
MGMT 5302
Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach
MGMT 5307
Responsibilities and Ethics of Leadership
MGMT 5308
Designing Organizations for Sustainable Effectiveness
MGMT 5309
Global Leadership for Sustainability
MGMT 5310
Leadership Formation and Development
MGMT 5311
Sustainable Operations & Services
MGMT 5315
International Management for Sustainability
MGMT 5320
MGMT 5350
Project Management
MGMT 5368
Development & Change for Learning Organizations
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