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HIST 3300
Historian's Craft
HIST 3310
American Beginnings
HIST 3311
Creating a Nation
HIST 3312
The Age of Jackson from 1815-1848
HIST 3313
The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 3316
Military History of the United States
HIST 3322
History of Texas
HIST 3328
African American History from 1877
HIST 3329
Church and State
HIST 3332
Ren and Ref 1300 1648
HIST 3361
History and Film
HIST 3370
Colonial Latin America
HIST 4307
History Careers: Archivist
HIST 4310
United States History from 1914 Present
HIST 4327
History of Russia and Eastern Europe to 1917
HIST 4328
History of the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia and Easte...
HIST 4337
Europe from 1919 1945
HIST 4364
ST: The Vietnam War
HIST 4381
Concepts of History Education
HIST 4382
Historical Method
HIST 4388
Pb: The Persian World
HIST 4389
ST:Holidays in Amer. History
HIST 4395
History Senior Research Seminar
HIST 5090
History Comprehensive Examination
HIST 5198
History Thesis
HIST 5300
Elements of Historical Inquiry
HIST 5322
ST: Revolutionary America
HIST 5325
Readings in US History I
HIST 5326
The US in WWI
HIST 5340
ST: The Art of Statecraft
HIST 5342
Spies and Resistance in Europe
HIST 5360
ST: The Vietnam War
HIST 5380
Historiography and Historical Method
HIST 5388
PB:Read-Battle West-1940-1945
HIST 5391
History Practicum
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