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CRIJ 3300
Juvenile Delinquency
CRIJ 3301
Female Offenders
CRIJ 3305
CRIJ 3310
Supervision and Management
CRIJ 3311
Techniques of Interviewing
CRIJ 3315
Criminal Evidence
CRIJ 3320
CRIJ 3325
Institutional Corrections
CRIJ 3330
Community Corrections
CRIJ 3340
Homeland Security
CRIJ 3345
Criminal Justice in Film
CRIJ 3352
Physical Forensic Science
CRIJ 3353
Biological Aspects of Forensic Science
CRIJ 3384
Field Experience
CRIJ 4303
Race, Crime, and Justice
CRIJ 4312
Criminal Justice Ethics
CRIJ 4315
Criminal Justice Statistics I
CRIJ 4316
Research Methods
CRIJ 4350
Advanced Investigation
CRIJ 4351
Forensic Anthropology
CRIJ 4388
PB: Statistics II
CRIJ 4395
Senior Seminar
CRIJ 5090
Comp Exam: Stats
CRIJ 5198
Criminal Justice Thesis
CRIJ 5300
Linear Regression
CRIJ 5301
Advanced Criminology
CRIJ 5303
Race and Ethnicity
CRIJ 5304
Advanced Methods
CRIJ 5306
Criminal Justice Program Evaluation
CRIJ 5307
Homeland Security
CRIJ 5309
CRIJ 5311
Logistic Regression
CRIJ 5315
Graduate Proseminar
CRIJ 5321
Leadership and Supervision
CRIJ 5322
Advanced Criminal Just Ethics
CRIJ 5389
ST: Forensic Anthropology
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