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COUN 5090
CMHC Comprehensive Exam
COUN 5300
Behavioral Statistics
COUN 5301
Research Methods
COUN 5304
Human Development
COUN 5311
Cultural, Minority and Gender Issues
COUN 5313
Crisis Intervention and Management
COUN 5350
Foundations of Counseling
COUN 5351
Career Counseling and Guidance
COUN 5352
School Counseling Seminar
COUN 5353
Personality and Counseling Theory Application
COUN 5354
Group Procedure for Counselors
COUN 5356
Introduction to Family Counseling
COUN 5357
Methods and Practices in Counseling
COUN 5358
Counseling Perspective on Psychopathology
COUN 5363
Substance Abuse
COUN 5365
Ethical Foundation of Counseling
COUN 5367
Play Therapy
COUN 5381
Assessment and Evaluation Fundamentals
COUN 5383
Consultation and Supervision
COUN 5386
Clinical Mental Health Internship
COUN 5389
ST: Child And Adolescent Coun
COUN 5391
School-Counseling Practicum I
COUN 5392
School-Counseling Practicum II
COUN 5393
Clinical Mental Health Practicum
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