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CIS 3300
Computer Technology and Impact
CIS 3301
Business Analysis with Spreadsheets
CIS 3302
Business Analytics
CIS 3303
Programming Logic and Design
CIS 3305
Operating Systems Theory and Practice
CIS 3315
Web Site Dev and Design
CIS 3330
C++ Programming
CIS 3331
Visual Basic Programming
CIS 3332
Java Programming
CIS 3342
Advanced Java Programming
CIS 3343
Windows and Web C# Programming
CIS 3346
Personal Computer Technology
CIS 3347
Data Comm and Infrastructure
CIS 3348
Networking Architecture and Design
CIS 3351
Data Structures
CIS 3360
Ethics in Computing
CIS 3361
Intro to Computer Forensics
CIS 3365
System Analysis and Design
CIS 4301
Database Theory and Practices
CIS 4302
Advanced Business Analytics
CIS 4303
Data Mining
CIS 4310
Artificial Intelligence
CIS 4335
UNIX Systems Administration and Programming
CIS 4340
Algorithm Design and Analysis
CIS 4341
Security and Risk Management
CIS 4345
Network and Systems Security
CIS 4346
Applied Security
CIS 4348
Security Trends and Malware Analysis
CIS 4350
Management Information Systems
CIS 4351
IS Project Management
CIS 4352
Structured Query Language
CIS 4360
Strategic Information Systems
CIS 4376
Network Administration
CIS 4378
Comprehensive Networking
CIS 4379
Software Engr for E-Business
CIS 4380
Software Engineering
CIS 4384
PB:Internship-Comp Info System
CIS 4388
PB: System Analysis & Design
CIS 5090
Comprehensive Examination
CIS 5302
Object Oriented Programming
CIS 5304
Telecommunications for Manager
CIS 5307
Adv Syst Analysis and Design
CIS 5311
Management Information Systems
CIS 5316
Advanced Database Management
CIS 5345
Extensible Markup Language
CIS 5351
Information Technology Project Management
CIS 5353
Data Analytics and Management
CIS 5354
Advanced Methods in Big Data Analytics
CIS 5370
Foundations of Information Security
CIS 5382
Research Methods
CIS 5388
PB:Web Applications Security
CIS 5389
ST:Scripting Language
CIS 5398
CIS Thesis
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