ARTS 5396 - Research of Low-Rider Culture and History Within the Context of Contemporary Fine Art

INDIVIDUAL STUDY A carefully planned special study on an academic topic not offered as part of the regular graduate curriculum. Directed Individual Study (DIS) is a tutorial, directed and evaluated by a member of the graduate art faculty. Enrollment is restricted to graduate students who have demonstrated both academic ability and the capacity for independent work. Complete applications must be filed and approved by a committee of the graduate art faculty and the Dean of Arts and Humanities in advance of registration. Prerequisites: 1) At least six semester hours of graduate course work in the field at Texas A&M; University-Corpus Christi. 2) A minimum GPA of 3.0 on all work in the field at Texas A&M; University-Corpus Christi. 3) At least one previous course with the supervising instructor. A maximum of six semester hours of 5396 may be counted towards the graduate degree. Offered on application to the program coordinator.
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