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DRD 100
Selected Topics
DRD 110
Drawing Skills for Theater Design
DRD 111
Media, Methods, and Materials in Theatrical Design
DRD 112
Drafting for the Theater
DRD 115
Introduction to Theater Production I
DRD 116
Introduction to Theater Production II
DRD 140
Introduction to Theater Crafts I
DRD 141
Introduction to Design for the Theatre
DRD 142
Introduction to Design for the Theatre
DRD 200
Selected Topics
DRD 240
Introduction to Theater Crafts II
DRD 300
Selected Topics
DRD 301
Fundamentals of Theater Design
DRD 311
Scene Design I
DRD 312
Scene Design II
DRD 313
CAD for the Theater
DRD 314
Vectorworks for Theater
DRD 316
Practicum in Scenery Construction
DRD 317
Practicum in Scene Painting
DRD 318
Practicum in Stage Properties
DRD 321
Theatrical Costume Design I
DRD 322
Theatrical Costume Design II
DRD 327
Pract. in Costume
DRD 329
Advanced Practicum in Costume Construction
DRD 331
Stage Lighting I
DRD 332
Stage Lighting II
DRD 337
Practicum in Stage Lighting
DRD 338
Practicum in Theater Sound
DRD 400
Selected Topics
DRD 412
Advanced Techniques in Theatrical Rendering
DRD 414
Advanced Projects in Entertainment Design
DRD 427
Tailoring Techniques for the Theater
DRD 428
Costume Draping and Pattern Drafting
DRD 429
Costume Crafts Seminar
DRD 441
Advanced Stagecraft
DRD 442
Structural Design for the Stage
DRD 443
Stage Rigging
DRD 445
Professional Practices for Theater Design and Technology
DRD 470
Experience Credit
DRD 490
Independent Study
DRD 500
Selected Topics
DRD 555
Evolution of Stage Design
DRD 599
Internship in Theatrical Design, Technology, or Management
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