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UPA: Figure Drawing I
ARTT 001
Foundation Drawing
ARTT 002
First Year Seminar
ARTT 010
Drawing II: Life Drawing
ARTT 011
Drawing II: Archit Turning Crn
ARTT 020
Ceramics I
ARTT 021
Ceramics II: The Potter's Whee
ARTT 022
Ceramics II: Container as Arch
ARTT 030
Painting I
ARTT 032
Painting II: Figure Compositio
ARTT 033
Painting II: Color
ARTT 040
Photography I
ARTT 041
Photography II: Color
ARTT 042
Photography III: Alter Process
ARTT 050
Sculpture I: Mat'ls & Processe
ARTT 052
Sculpture II: Woodworking
ARTT 062
Drawing Arch-TurningCorners II
ARTT 070
Advanced Studies:Ceramics
ARTT 071
Advanced Studies: Drawing
ARTT 072
Advanced Studies: Painting
ARTT 073
Advanced Studies: Photography
ARTT 074
Advanced Studies: Sculpture
ARTT 075
Advanced Studies: Archit Drawi
ARTT 082
Advanced Studies II: Painting
ARTT 090
Senior Thesis Wkshp I
ARTT 091
Senior Thesis Wkshp II
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