MATH 94 - Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning

This course helps students to use numbers to understand the world around us, to reason using ratios and proportions, and to perform basic algebraic steps to use and solve formulas and to model real life situations. All problems are based on real and interesting situations that students may meet in their lives and in their other college courses. The course prepares students to take a college-level, not-STEM course in mathematics, such as MATH 116 Development of Mathematical Thought, MATH 117 College Quantitative Reasoning, or MATH 123 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, or Math 140 Statistics. Enrollment Requirements: MATH 93/94 Requisites: Satisfactory completion of MATH 92; OR Course Placement; OR SAT MATH >/=480; OR ACT MATH >/=18; OR NYS REGENTS (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, OR Geometry) score >/=65.
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