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CUL 250 - Culinary Capstone Course

Capstone course requiring students to apply theoretical and practical knowledge under an individualized faculty-supervised hospitality project. Project incorporates students specific areas of expertise, including culinary arts, recipe development, concept development, marketing strategies, beverage management and profitability analysis. Completed project to be thoroughly researched, written and presented orally both to faculty and students. Prerequisite: COM101, CUL112, CUL113, CUL114, CUL116, CUL120, CUL132 & CUL215 OR COM101, CUL112, CUL113, CUL115, CUL116, CUL120, CUL132 & CUL217. Offered on: E / 2 cr. hrs.
UNRE-Unrestricted Elective
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