TEGR 570 - Lang Dev, Literacy & Lit II

This course is Part II of a two-course literary sequence designed to introduce the pre-service teacher to the theory and practice of elementary curriculum and instruction in the areas of reading, language arts, and children's literature. Campus and elementary school experiences emphasize best practice in literacy instruction for meeting the diverse needs of all students. The course presents research-based best practices in teaching reading for kindergarten, primary, and intermediate grades. This second course in the literacy sequence extends the foundations in language, assessment and interpretation of relevant data regarding literacy processes, and explorations into children's literature to classroom applications in composing processes (writer's workshop), assessment and evaluation as it informs teaching, planning and reflection, and interdisciplinary instruction. Participants will research critical issues in the field of literacy development. By Special Permission Only. Prerequisite: TEGR 550.
Long form IDEA evaluation, Fee Assessment TEGR
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