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MUSC 001
Student Convocation Hour
MUSC 101
Piano Skills I
MUSC 102
Piano Skills II
MUSC 113
Music Theory & Aural Skills I
MUSC 114
Music Theory & Aural Skills II
MUSC 115
Music & Culture: Bach to Rock
MUSC 117
Survey Music in West Culture
MUSC 130
Introduction to World Music
MUSC 133
Music of the US: Aural & Writt
MUSC 140
Music Media
MUSC 160
Introduction to Music Business
MUSC 162
Roots of Blues, Rock, Country
MUSC 170
The Music of Film
MUSC 201
Piano Skills III
MUSC 202
Piano Skills IV
MUSC 205
Advanced Studio Recording
MUSC 213
Music Theory & Aural Skill III
MUSC 214
Music Theory & Aural Skill IV
MUSC 216
Jazz in America
MUSC 231
Intro to Conducting I
MUSC 233
Music of the Wrld: Aural/Writt
MUSC 260
Fund-Musicianship In Popul Mus
MUSC 263
Entrepreneurial Careers Music
MUSC 305
The Art of Mixing
MUSC 354
Adv Conducting: Instrumental
MUSC 355
Adv Conducting: Vocal
MUSC 363
Emerging Models in Music Indus
MUSC 411
History & Lit Music I
MUSC 412
History & Literature Music II
MUSC 420
Senior Research Paper
MUSC 480
Music Business Seminar
MUSC 495
Individual Study
MUSC 497
Individual Study
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