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HIST 111
Origins: Mod World to 1550
HIST 112
Hist Mod World Since 1550
HIST 113
Early Am/Global Perspective
HIST 114
Mod Us/Global Perspective
HIST 115
The World Since 1900
HIST 116
Afr Amer Hist Glob Persp
HIST 117
Latin Am/Global Perspective
HIST 118
Middle East and North Africa
HIST 119
East Asian Civilizations
HIST 203
Ancient Egypt and Near East
HIST 205
The Ancient Greek World
HIST 208
History of the Roman World
HIST 210
Modern Latin America 1800-Pres
HIST 211
Women/Families in the Americas
HIST 222
Early Modern Europe: 1450-1750
HIST 223
Irish Hist Survey: Celtic-1972
HIST 226
Modern Europe since 1914
HIST 241
History of Modern China
HIST 244
Modern East Asia
HIST 263
United States Military History
HIST 298
Non-State Actors ME & N Africa
HIST 322
Tudor And Stuart Britain
HIST 333
East-Centr Eur Monarchy To Eu
HIST 335
Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
HIST 348
Japan Through Literature
HIST 349
History Of Ottoman Empire
HIST 353
Hist Of American Revolution
HIST 355
Civil War Era
HIST 358
20Th Century U.S.
HIST 366
Hist-American Catholic Church
HIST 386
Historical Archaeology
HIST 394
17th Century European Crisis
HIST 395
Empires & Nations: Studying ME
HIST 463
Capstone Sem: Global Cold War
HIST 464
Rebellion in the Americas
HIST 465
Capstone: N. Amer. Borderlands
HIST 466
Capstone: Natural Disasters
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