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ENGR 123
Energy and the Environment
ENGR 130
Fundamentals of ENGR for EDUC
ENGR 150
Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 160
ENGR 171
Engineering Graphics & Design
ENGR 172
CE Graphics & Methods
ENGR 220
ENGR 221
Mechanics of Materials
ENGR 230
Digital Design
ENGR 240
Circuit Analysis
ENGR 320
Machine Design & Synthesis
ENGR 322
ENGR 330
Microprocessor Architectures
ENGR 331
Designing with Microprocessors
ENGR 340
Signals and Systems
ENGR 342
Electromagnetic Fields/Wave
ENGR 345
Electronics I
ENGR 346
Electronics II
ENGR 350
Introduction to Electronics
ENGR 361
Engineering Materials
ENGR 362
Construc./Engr. Econ LAB
ENGR 363
Civil Engineering Materials
ENGR 364
Structural Analysis
ENGR 365
Des. Steel and Concrete Struc.
ENGR 368
Fluid Mechanics for CE
ENGR 371
Manufacturing Prcs & Stat Cont
ENGR 381
ENGR 382
Heat Transfer
ENGR 383
Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 384
Heat Transfer
ENGR 410
Control Systs & Automation
ENGR 431
Design of Embedded Systems
ENGR 432
Real Time Systems
ENGR 463
Soil Mechanics & Foundations
ENGR 466
Transportation Engineering
ENGR 467
Env. Engr, Hydrology/Hydraulic
ENGR 480
Engineer Design Clinic I
ENGR 481
Engineer Design Clinic II
ENGR 488
Topics Composites
ENGR 489
Topics-Resrch Methods In Engr
ENGR 490
Topics-Embedded Computing
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