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Clinical Applications Practicum
DNP Project in Transformational Nursing Leadership
Nursing Independent Study
NURS 1032
Foundations in Critical Thinking in Nursing
NURS 2342
Health Assessment
NURS 2343
Pathopharmacology I
NURS 2344
Pathopharmacology II
NURS 3252
Clinical Inquiry
NURS 3351
Art and Science of Holistic Nursing
NURS 3354
Holistic Nursing:Caring for the Community
NURS 3391
Nursing Externship
NURS 3552
Holistic Nursing: Care of Children and Families
NURS 3553
Holistic Nursing: Care of the Childbearing Family
NURS 3651
Holistic Nursing: Care of Adults and Older Adults
NURS 4192
Directed Reading/Independent Study In Nursing
NURS 4251
Nursing Informatics
NURS 4356
Holistic Nursing:Foundation for Clinical Leadership
NURS 4552
Holistic Nursing: Behavioral Health
NURS 4653
Holistic Nursing: Care of the Critically Ill
NURS 4655
Transition to Holistic Nursing Practice
NURS 7113
Transformational Nursing Leadership: Clinical Applications S...
NURS 7116
Nurs 7116
NURS 7205
Epidemiology and Population Health
NURS 7208
Financial Management in Health Care
NURS 7211
Interprofessional Collaboration as Transformational Nursing...
NURS 7216
Independent Study
NURS 7301
Creating Healing Environments: Foundations of Nursing Art an...
NURS 7302
The Ethical and Social Justice Dimensions of Transformationa...
NURS 7303
Translating Research into Practice: Transformational Leaders...
NURS 7306
Healing Environments in Complex Adaptive Systems
NURS 7307
Transformational Leadership in Healing Environment
NURS 7310
Reframing Health Policy: Toward a Policy of Healing Environm...
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