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CME 101
Introduction to Chemical and Molecular Engineering
CME 199
Introduction to Undergraduate Research
CME 201
Sustainable Energy - Evaluating the Options
CME 233
Ethics and Business Practices for Engineers
CME 300
Writing in Chemical and Molecular Engineering
CME 304
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
CME 310
Chemical Engineering Laboratory I: Unit Operation Fundamenta...
CME 312
Material and Energy Balance
CME 314
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
CME 315
Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering Analysis
CME 318
Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics
CME 320
Chemical Engineering Lab II: Unit Operation
CME 321
Introduction To Working In The Good Manufacturing Practice (...
CME 322
Chemical Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer
CME 323
Reaction Engineering and Chemical Kinetics
CME 355
Chemical Process Safety
CME 360
Nanomaterials and Applications
CME 369
Polymer Engineering
CME 371
CME 375
Fundamentals of Industrial Corrosion and Corrosion Protectio...
CME 401
Separation Technologies
CME 405
Process Control in Engineering Design
CME 410
Chemical Engineering Laboratory III: Instrumentation, Materi...
CME 420
Chemical Engineering Laboratory IV: Senior Thesis
CME 425
Introduction to Catalysis
CME 427
Molecular Modeling for Chemical Engineers
CME 440
Process Engineering and Design I
CME 441
Process Engineering and Design II
CME 460
Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Processing and Characterization
CME 470
Polymer Synthesis: Theory And Practice, Fundamentals, Method...
CME 475
Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
CME 480
Cellular Biology for Chemical Engineers
CME 488
Industrial Internship in Chemical Engineering
CME 491
Sustainable Future through Renewable Energy
CME 499
Research in Chemical Engineering
CME 501
Fluid Mechanics
CME 502
Mathematical Analysis & Modeling
CME 503
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CME 504
Chemical Reaction Engineering
CME 511
Transport Phenomena
CME 512
Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics
CME 514
Characterization Methods (Microscopy and Spectroscopy)
CME 515
Complex Fluids
CME 522
Heterogeneous Catalysis & Surface Reaction
CME 523
CME 591
Sustainable Future Through Renewable Energy- Advanced
CME 599
CME 697
Chemical and Molecular Engineering Colloquium
CME 698
CME 698 Practicum in Teaching
CME 699
Dissertation Research on Campus
CME 700
Dissertation Research Off Campus
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