CHI 311 - Advanced Chinese I

The first part of an advanced course designed for the third-year students of Chinese as a foreign or heritage language to strengthen their ability to understand, speak, read, and write Chinese beyond the intermediate level. Students learn to read and comprehend a variety of texts from Chinese newspaper/magazine articles, TV/films, and literary works and to write creatively and professionally in Chinese using sophisticated vocabulary and advanced Chinese characters. Students will also be trained to comprehend authentic spoken Mandarin Chinese, using a variety of audio-visual materials and to communicate in Mandarin Chinese, applying appropriate socio-cultural norms. This course is not intended for students who already speak, read and write Chinese natively. Class Notes: Offered as CHI 311 and CHI 501. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: CHI 212 or CHI 201 or CHI 220 or equivalent or placement into CHI 311. See for more information. Requirement Designation: Skill 3. Required grade: A thru C.
HFA+ Humanities and Fine Arts LANG Communicate in a Language Other Than English
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