ARH 544 - Topics in Early Modern Art

This seminar examines methodological developments and historical issues related to the art and visual culture of the early modern period. Though we are concerned with objects, discourses, and practices emerging in the seventeenth century, we also approach these through the perspective of contemporary critical tools (for example, theories of urban space, spectacle, and representation; psychoanalysis, sexuality and subjectivity; coloniality and the encounter with New world otherness; semiotics and the construction of absolutist power). Students are encouraged to engage with these issues through the study of traditional high art objects as well as through other forms of representation emerging in the early modern period-for example, scientific illustration, more ephemeral forms of print culture, and even urban and courtly spectacle. Fall or Spring, alternate years,. Class Notes: Offered as ARH 400 and ARH 544. Enrollment Requirements: SPD students must receive permission from the department to enroll.
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